Web Design

Every successful digital marketing campaign has a great website at its core. Still, most business websites don’t reach their full potential because they are not used as part of a more significant marketing strategy. The key lies in understanding which website is best for your business.


Xponent develops high-quality WordPress websites in South Africa. WordPress is any web developer’s dream platform. It is trusted universally as one of the best and most flexible CMS solutions available to web developers. Xponent knows that any good digital marketing agency should build a strategy around a high-quality website that integrates easily and seamlessly with other systems.

Brochure Websites

An affordable website that you can use to share your company details with customers without printing brochures and flyers. It’s cheap to maintain but doesn’t generate user data or organic traffic from search engines.

Lead Generating Website

Lead generating websites are the golden standard that most b2b companies should strive for. A lead-generating website is indexed to capture traffic from search engines and to deliver user data to help improve the website’s performance continuously.

eCommerce Website

eCommerce websites enable users to purchase products directly from a website. eCommerce sites are complicated, but when used correctly, they can enhance your business by automating predictable sales functions.

A brochure website will describe your business and what you do, just like a brochure or company profile. The main benefit is that you can distribute this information with a link instead of printing it and distributing it by hand. Brochure websites are affordable but are generally not indexed, so they don’t attract web visitors searching for your brand or your products online.

Xponent designs and builds brochure websites for its customers in South Africa and worldwide. They design brochure sites for smaller companies with limited resources as a way to get into digital marketing and avoid printing expenses.

Brochure Site Advantages

Brochure sites are affordable and easy to develop.

No need to print your company’s details onto a brochure. Simply share the link with anyone worldwide using email, WhatsApp, or the messaging app of your choice.

Brochure Site Disadvantages

Brochure sites have to be shared manually, and they usually don’t attract organic traffic.

Brochure sites don’t collect user data, so communication is one way.

Like a brochure site, a lead-generating website allows sharing your company information with a link. The difference is a lead-generating website will attract people searching for your brand, products and services on search engines like Google or Bing, because it gets indexed on search engines.

You can list your business on Google using search engine marketing when people search for your products or services online. A lead-generating website includes a web form that customers can complete to tell you exactly what they need from you. When potential customers complete the form, you generate a lead. Lead-generating websites enable receiving requests for products directly on your website to your email inbox.

The best part is, Xponent’s lead-generating websites come with robust security to ensure you don’t receive spam leads through your website. Other lead-generating agencies are happy to generate spam and count it as leads. Not so for Xponent. They test forms regularly to ensure you don’t waste your budget when you miss valuable leads.

Xponent designs and builds world-class lead-generating websites in South Africa for customers worldwide. They design lead-generating websites for businesses that want to grow using digital marketing.

Lead Generating Site Advantages

Attract customers globally, searching for your products and services.

Convert web traffic into valuable business leads on the website.

Collect user data.

Lead Generating Site Disadvantages

Lead generating sites can be expensive because they require more technical support and ongoing maintenance.

New regulations mean websites have to be POPI Act compliant.

eCommerce websites are practical tools for selling products online. Xponent builds and supports eCommerce stores for their customers. They help customers to sell products online.

Xponent has used eCommerce platforms to build quotes generating tools or as omnichannel sales and quoting tools for sales representatives. The possibilities are only limited by our creativity.

Xponent designs and builds eCommerce platforms in South Africa. They understand the complexities of rolling out eCommerce platforms that scale for industrial applications.

eCommerce Site Advantages

Sell products online.

eCommerce stores are always on. No breaks or holidays.

You can sell internationally.

Collect user data.

eCommerce Site Disadvantages

eCommerce is expensive and requires ongoing maintenance.

eCommerce is very technical and requires a lot of thinking to do it well.

Users don’t trust eCommerce readily.

The Turnkey Business Development Solution

Xponent’s branding, marketing, and technology solutions are a proven system that’s built on sound, foundational principles.