Photo VS Video Posts: Who is winning the race?

At Xponent, we thrive on facts first, then trends. Our team recently conducted a study to determine if video content performs better than photo content on social media. There is an awful lot of information online telling business owners how they should be posting their content online for maximum exposure.

With the rise of video content, many platforms like Facebook and Instagram encourage video posts for marketers. How do video posts compare to photo posts? If videos perform better, how much better do they really perform?

Our Comparisons

We compared 396 posts consisting of 342 photo posts and 54 video posts. We made these posts on a number of our clients’ accounts managed by the Xponent marketing team.





Reach Per Post

Engagement Per Post

Photo Posts






Video Posts






Total Posts



Xponent defines photo posts as any static image posted or shared across pages. Video posts included videos with and without sound and video link shares.

We found that video posts outperformed photo posts by 83% in terms of reach and 75% in terms of engagement.

Understanding The Results

These results have some interesting implications. If the cost of producing a video post is less than 75% more expensive than a photo post, you should probably spend your time making video posts. Looking at it from a different angle, one could think of it this way; if you wanted 1000 people to engage with your content, you would need to make 53 photo posts. If you wanted the same number of engagements, you would only need to make around 31 posts.

We can’t provide you with a definitive answer on what you should do and what may or may not work for your business and audience, but we hope this information makes it easier to reach a decision. Xponent focuses on making high-quality video content because that’s what makes sense for our clients.

Reach out to one of our experts today to find out how Xponent uses video content on social media to convert traffic in to sales leads and revenue.

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