Content and Copywriting

With all of the marketing channels available today, it’s never been easier to spread your message, but what is your message? How do you articulate what you do and how you solve problems?

Content writing is the critical skill required to communicate what your business does and how it does it. Whether designing a website, making a brochure, publishing an article or releasing a statement to the press, excellent content writing will set you apart from your competitors.

Writing for the internet...

…involves writing online content, ad copywriting, social media posts and other marketing materials. This content will keep readers engaged and lead them to take action.

Xponent writes web copy that will connect with your audience while staying true to your company’s voice. They generate topical literature for your website, blog, social posts, product offers, video scripts and more. They perform keyword research and create link-worthy content to drive traffic to your site to convert traffic into leads.


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