Our Tech Stack in Detail

Xponent services combine specialist knowledge with the latest marketing technology to deliver highly personalised user experiences for our clients’ customers. Our clients use the Xponent Tech Stack to take advantage of the latest that the fourth industrial revolution has to offer.

What does the Xponent marketing formula look like?

We help our clients set attainable marketing goals to reach a clearly defined target audience with a key message. We select the most appropriate marketing channels and technology to generate leads effectively.

A key part of our marketing process involves using data to drive decisions. We leverage the latest marketing technology to deliver a world-class technology stack. We call it the Bydrae Tech Stack.

The Xponent Tech Stack combines human expertise and the newest tools and software to streamline the marketing processes – from collecting and analysing data to creating a memorable customer experience. We use data to engage the target audience on a personalised level. 

Solid MarTech

A solid MarTech (marketing technology) stack will add value to your marketing ventures. 

These are the key stats according to a recent CMO Council report about how marketers can right the revenue ship: 

  • 85% of marketers have data literacy gaps inside their teams.
  • 79% are only moderately successful or worse at leveraging data for customer segmentation.
  • 73% are only moderately successful or worse at applying data analytics for customer insights.
  • 75% are only moderately successful or worse at taking action on customer insights.  

Although this is not South Africa-specific, local marketers face the same challenges. MarTech is a relatively new sector in South Africa. 

Still, things are changing very quickly, and it has become increasingly overwhelming for marketers to stay at the curve without the knowledge and expertise of specialists to implement the right solutions at the right time. 

A Closer Look at the Xponent Tech Stack

Your website is the face of your business. It should represent your business and what it stands for. From design to functionality. Whether it’s on mobile or desktop, you can show potential customers that you’ve taken the time to make a great first impression. 

It should be the safe harbour for your existing customers where they look to you for advice, guidance, and of course, more service solutions. 

To generate leads, your website should be able to attract an audience. That audience should feel compelled to hand over their details because the website shows that your business can meet their needs.

It is also your home base from which every other marketing platform is integrated, including your social media, direct mail, emailers, and reporting tools.

Website Design

We use the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to build websites. We like it because it has a large community that produces no-code, low-code solutions that reduce development time and costs.

WordPress will work with the most popular third-party tools and software for mail marketing, lead generation, SEO, CRM, and payment gateways. 42% of the web runs on WordPress. 

Its beautiful designs and powerful features give you the freedom to build anything your business requires. Built on Google infrastructure, you get a reliable website browsing experience for developers and users.


Xponent manages global domain portfolios securely and cost-effectively by providing domain name registration, reservation, and transfer services. We set up your records to send traffic where it needs to go. We use the world’s largest, Fastest DNS service with the highest uptime.

Managed Website Hosting

We only use premium hosting solutions. Our hosting space is optimised for faster page load speeds, reliability, and, most importantly, security. Because our hosting is WordPress-friendly, your system is optimised and will work seamlessly.  We use scalable, reliable, fast cloud servers in state-of-the-art data centres with high-end hardware.

Website Maintenance

We have automated layout anomaly detection, where websites are checked regularly by our team. We do this to prevent and fix any functionality issues.

Website Security

We employ enhanced website security with state-of-the-art software, trusted by more than 60 000 developers, to eliminate vulnerabilities in your website plugins to avoid exploitation.

Privacy and Cookies

Make your sites and apps legally compliant across multiple languages and legislations (including the GDPR) with lawyer-crafted, self-updating solutions.

Website Plugins

We use a feedback plugin for customers to engage with your website through suggestions, requests, reviews, and comments on your site. Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plugin helps implement SEO. Customers can also conveniently comment on their website to make suggestions throughout the development.

Collecting Data

We use a professional form builder to build custom forms and flows to connect with your customers and expand your reach.  All leads are captured in a spreadsheet automatically and Emailed to your inbox. Google Search Console measures search traffic and website performance to determine your Google search position.  We use this data to make adjustments to increase your Google ranking. 

Traffic Generation and Monitoring

We employ Google Ad campaigns to point people to your website and Google Analytics to analyse data so that you can get to know your customers better and make informed strategic business decisions.

Transactional Email Management

Xponent implements a transactional email system on your website to stop your domain from being blocked for spamming.

Website Heat Maps

This assists with understanding how your customers behave on your site, what they require from you, and how your customers engage with your website.

Website Reporting

We use Google Data Studio and Oviond to monitor and report on the necessary marketing data – everything on one convenient and user-friendly dashboard. This is where customers can see how their marketing is performing and which areas we can focus on to increase performance continuously.


We run daily local backups and store weekly backups on a remote server to ensure business continuity. We are obsessed with keeping your data safe and secure.

Please enquire about our Website Services and IT Solutions  

Xponent specialises in servicing businesses in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Manufacturing with quality tech solutions performed by industry experts. 

Contact us to prepare your company to thrive in the 4IR.

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